Luxury by JCK
June 4 - 5, 2025
The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, NV

Your Store, Your Story
Michael Fleck, Occasions Fine Jewelry

Mike Fleck started Occasions Fine Jewelry started as a modest bench in the back of a drugstore in Midland Texas before expanding to a small retail space and, eventually, the store it is today. A rundown old Denny’s restaurant purchased in 2008 was renovated and turned into the upscale jewelry experience Occasions offers to its clients today, helmed by Michael Fleck, son of the founder and current owner of the store.

Here, Michael Fleck gives JCK a look at the store’s history, its people, and a memorable customer experience.

How did you get your start?

Occasions started in 1989 with my father in the back of Service Drug – it was a one-bench and one-case type of operation in the corner, and it kind of grew from there. I bought the company from my father in 2014 and have been building it and working from his legacy ever since.

What makes your store special?

Mostly the people. I’ve got amazing talent who have been with me for a long time; I have a crew that wants to make sure that everybody’s experience at Occasions Fine Jewelry is special and specialized to them. That makes it something unique.

Do you have a fun or inspiring customer story to share?

We had a guy who called very shy and was worried about coming in, and he came to the store and waited outside—still shy, not wanting to come in. We weren’t sure it was him at the time, but we had an inkling, so we walked out and asked if he was OK. He wanted to buy an engagement ring, but his shoes were muddy, and he had already been told that he couldn’t come into another jewelry store because his shoes were muddy. We clapped him on the back and said you’re welcome here, don’t worry about it! And he still comes in and shops with us regularly just because we treated him like he was a human, you know?

What’s the best thing you’ve ever discovered at the Luxury by JCK Show?

It has to be Simon G—they’re out top line. (I also bought a spider brooch at Luxury from Parlé.) Simon G. has been our top producing line for ten years now, and they’re easy to work with and we always shop with them at Luxury.

What do you look forward to doing at Luxury every year?

There’s almost always an ice cream bar (laughs). And just exploring all the new lines and new parts and pieces within the lines.