Luxury by JCK
May 29 - June 3, 2024
The Venetian | Las Vegas, NV

2024 Keynote Speakers

Kyle Scheele, The Patron Saint of Crazy Ideas

Wednesday, May 29 | 8:00 AM | San Polo Ballroom Level 3

Whether he's having a Viking funeral for the regrets of 21,000 people, hosting the world's first fake marathon, or gaining a million TikTok followers in just 25 hours, Kyle is always on the lookout for crazy ideas that produce wildly outsized outcomes. His videos have been viewed over 250 million times, and he has spoken to hundreds of thousands of audience members across the United States. More than anything, Kyle hopes that his story can inspire others to chase their own crazy ideas and become the people they were meant to be.

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Henry Winkler, Emmy Award-Winning Actor, Author, Director & Producer

Thursday, May 30 | 8:00 AM | San Polo Ballroom Level 3

Celebrating 50 years of Hollywood success as an actor, producer, and director and a best-selling children’s book author, Henry Winkler excels at inspiring people of all ages to overcome adversity. His passion for supporting others is the result of a lifetime struggle with undiagnosed dyslexia. Henry has worked tirelessly to bring awareness and support to children who learn differently by advocating for changes in the education system and informing parents and teachers about learning challenges. He has also authored his own best-selling autobiography, Being Henry: The Fonz... and Beyond, published in 2023.

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