Luxury by JCK
May 29 - June 3, 2024
The Venetian | Las Vegas, NV

Your Store, Your Story
Meet Charlie Green and Store 52

You’ve probably heard of Lux Bond & Green, the historic originally founded in Waterbury, Connecticut. Since its inception in 1898, the family-owned store has expanded to five locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts and has developed an impactful online presence.

And now a new venture for the family business: a boutique jeweler called Store 52. Named for its location on 52 LaSalle Road in West Hartford. Conn., the store offers shoppers a more intimate, contemporary experience in a modern, stylish setting—the perfect place for, say, a shopper from Gen Z to get acquainted with fine jewelry.

Here, Charlie Green gives JCK a brief look at the new store, and what makes a show like Luxury so special for him.

Give us a brief history of your store.

Store 52 is under two years old and is the sister company of Lux Bond & Green. The idea being that not everyone is comfortable coming into a larger luxury environment, so this gives a more relaxed and intimate environment, which is less potentially overwhelming. It is also a space where we can try new styles and brands to attract the next generation of customers!

In your opinion, what helps your store stand out from others in your area (or online?) 

The smaller, more relaxed environment and having a different selection of jewelry, watches, and gifts helps create a unique experience. 

What’s your favorite part about attending the Luxury show? 

Reconnecting with friends and vendors as well as treasure hunting for something special and meeting new vendors and creating new relationships. 

What’s the most memorable moment or most amazing discovery you made at Luxury this year? 

Just walking into the room with thousands of people and seeing millions and potentially billions of dollars of gorgeous, some one-of-a-kind jewelry!


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