Exhibitor Directory

Company Name Booth Number's 
A & D Gem Corp / Dvani  LUX-335
A & P Afarin Co Inc LUX-901
A. Jaffe LUX-1003
A. Link LUX-P1920
Aarzee Jewellery LLC dba Arzano LUX-504
Air Esscentials LUX-538
Alberto LUX-P1832
Alisa LUX-1001
Allison-Kaufman Company LUX-1227
Almor Designs Inc. /Heskia Brothers LUX-437, LUX-536A
Amden Jewelry LUX-1517
American Gem Society LUX-500
American Jewelry Designs  / AJD Platinum Inc. LUX-211
ARA Collection LUX-406
Artistry Ltd. LUX-635
Asher Jewelry LUX-837
Ashi Diamonds LLC LUX-1329
Baggins LUX-703
Bapalal Keshavlal LUX-P1820
Bellarri LUX-927
Beny Sofer Inc./Roberto Demeglio LUX-1221
Beverley K / Morrie Knopp LUX-P1909
BM Designs LUX-P1912
Breuning Inc. LUX-902
Charles Krypell Inc LUX-P1721
Cherie Dori LUX-1111
Christian Bauer Inc Penn Gem LUX-1200
Christopher Designs Inc LUX-1321
Cicada Jewelry LUX-807
Cirari LUX-903
Clementine Fine Jewelry LUX-2201
Coast Diamond LUX-321
Coles of London LUX-1104, LUX-1105, LUX-701
Color Source Gems LUX-604
Corona Jewellery Company LUX-303
Crown Ring Bridal House LUX-1315
Cybel-Belpearl LUX-P1707
DA Gold LUX-1021
Dabakarov LUX-1305
Dalumi Group LUX-1206
Damaso Martinez LUX-P1904
David Connolly Inc. Jabel LUX-633
De Hago Inc LUX-221
Dev Valencia Designs LUX-904A
Diabella Inc LUX-230
Diamond Bar Corp LUX-1132
Diamond Mine Jewelers LUX-131
Diaspark Inc L205
Dilamani LUX-1017
Divine LUX-908
Doves by Doron Paloma  LUX-121
DSL Pearl Inc LUX-732
Ed Levin Inc LUX-2007
Effy Group LUX-1700
EJ Diamonds Inc LUX-917
Elite Designs LUX-2019
Epoque Jewelry Inc LUX-P1824
Erica Courtney LUX-801
Erica Molinari LUX-2013
Eugene Biro Corp LUX-902A
Facet Barcelona USA LUX-1201
Fana LUX-417
Fope S.P.A. LUX-P1705
Forevermark US, Inc. Breakers JI
Frederic Sage LUX-227
Gamma Creations Co., Ltd. LUX-607
Gems One LUX-231
Getana & Co LUX-330
Global Diamond Group LUX-1005A
GM Ideal Corp LUX-P2008
GN Diamond LUX-421
Gordon Company (The) LUXLobby1
Gottlieb & Sons Inc LUX-711
Gravure Commitment / Atlantic Engraving Ltd. LUX-206
Gregg Ruth/GR Precious Color LUX-P1733
H Weiss Company & Marika by M.I Jewelry LUX-410
H.J. Namdar LUX-1303
Hasenfeld-Stein Inc LUX-301
Henderson Collection by Lecil LUX-517
Henri Daussi LUX-1211
Herco LUX-431
Hidalgo Corp LUX-716
Honora Industries LUX-1110
House of Baguettes LUX-509
HRA Group/Crossworks LUX-501, LUX-503
I Reiss Inc LUX-P1807
IGC Group LUX-P1829
Imagine Bridal LUX-117
I-Showcase Inc L200
Izi Creations LUX-1101
J. Stella LUX-803
Jack Abraham-the Precious Collection LUX-1117
Jack Kelege & Co LUX-300
James' International Diamond Collection Inc LUX-800
Jennifer Dawes Design LUX-2107
Jewels by Jacob LUX-218
Jewels By Star LUX-519
Jordan Scott Designs Ltd. LUX-710
Joshua J Fine Jewelry LUX-733
Julius Klein Group LUX-619
Just Jules LUX-2009
JYE's International Inc LUX-1011
Kattan Diamonds & Jewelry Inc LUX-1232
KC Designs LUX-P1910
Kimberley Diamond Company LUX-P1930
Kirk Kara LUX-1120
Lauren K LUX-P1825
Leo Schachter Diamonds LLC LUX-1107
Le Vian 
Lika Behar Collection LUX-P1828
Lili Diamonds LUX-1100
LJ West Diamonds Inc LUX-1337
Luvente LUX-1505
M.K. Diamonds & Jewelry LUX-201
Maidi Corp LUX-1330
Makur LUX-502
Marahlago LUX-1737
Mark Henry LUX-1028
Martin Flyer Jewelry LLC LUX-1311
Mastoloni Pearls LUX-532
May & Assoc. Jewelry Corp. LUX-1135
Meira T Designs LUX-1306
Memoire LUX-P1812
Michael M Reef C/F
Mi-Lina & Co. dba GGR Jewels LUX-P1813
Mira Style LUX-1007
MS Diamonds & Jewelry Inc LUX-336
My Story LUX-2104
Nader Kash International / Sienna & Co. LUX-1131
Nanis Italian Jewels LUX-P1804
Navadee for AOD Jewelry LUX-1527
NEI Group LUX-1003A
Nelson Jewellery USA Inc LUX-705
Neon Gems Inc LUX-1032
Norman Covan LUX-821
Norman Silverman Diamonds LUX-1127
Novel Collection DBA/Noble Collection Inc LUX-407
ODELIA by A.V. Jewelry NY LUX-1027
Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Ltd. LUX-1637
Omi Prive LUX-916
Ounce Collection LUX-706
Pampillonia Designs LUX-333
Parade Designs Inc. LUX-1121
Paragon Couture LUX-1605
Paramount Gems LUX-1034
Parle/IOGC LUX-1704
PE Jay Creations Ltd LUX-320
Pesavento LUX-702
Peter Lam Jewellery Ltd. LUX-1204
Peter Storm Inc LUX-P1805
Platini Jewelry Inc LUX-920
Precision Set LUX-P1808
Rahaminov Diamonds Inc LUX-921
Raymond Mazza, Inc LUX-530
Rio Diamond LUX-1334
Ritani LUX-627
Roman + Jules by First Image Design LUX-1236
Royal Pearl LUX-817
Rudolf Friedmann Inc LUX-P1811
S. Kashi & Sons LUX-137
Samuel Sylvio Designs LUX-808
Sasha Primak LUX-617
SES Creations Inc LUX-911
Shy Creation LUX-1836
Siera Jewelry Inc LUX-327
Simon G Jewelry Inc LUX-527
Sofragem Co., Ltd. LUX-1300
Sophia by Design/S & I Creations LLC LUX-111
Spark Creations Inc LUX-427
Steven Royce Designs LUX-307
Supreme Jewelry Corp LUX-611
Sylvie Collection LUX-101
Tacori Breakers LK
TAKAT, Rare & Unique Jewels LUX-1900
Tara Pearls LUX-601
The Mazza Company LUX-P1821
Trimoro Co., Ltd. LUX-605
True Knots by My Way Jewelry Company LUX-738
Uneek Fine Jewelry Collections LUX-1325
Universal Pacific/Pluczenik LUX-1611
Vahan Jewelry LUX-127
Venetti LUX-804
Verragio LUX-827
Vibhor LUX-P1924
VIP Diamond / Couturemark TM LUX-1336
VTSE Inc LUX-403
William Henry LUX-933
William Levine Fine Jewels LUX-P1815
Yael Designs LUX-1216
Yerushalmi Bros Diamonds LUX-907
Zeghani LUX-537
Zela Jewels LUX-135
Zydo Srl LUX-401


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