Luxury by JCK
Aug 24, 2021

New To You

We’re encouraging and rewarding retailers for meeting with brands they haven’t done business with before through the New to You Program!

How does it work? Luxury retailers will pick up their custom New to You Card to bring with them as they meet with vendors new to them (could be you)! Each card has room for 4 new vendor signatures. Vendors do not have to be new to the show to participate.

For every 4 new vendors the retailer meets with and receives signatures, the retailer will get one (1) hotel room night for 2020 at the Venetian/Palazzo, limited to 1 room per person. If the retailer makes a purchase from any of the companies they match with, they earn a $250 merchandise credit! The retailers can repeat this process up to 4 times for a total of $1,000 in merchandise credits.