July 2015 Edition

Dear Friends,

I hope this edition of the LUXURY Link finds you enjoying summer after a successful LUXURY show. I am still riding a wave of excitement over my return to LUXURY and want to thank you all for the warm welcome you gave me in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and reconnect with everyone at all of the fun events. Social scene aside, I was incredibly impressed with the talent of our group this year—the product was extraordinary on so many levels from quality and craftsmanship to marketability and timeliness—I think it’s safe to say, our industry was at its best and I can’t wait to continue to grow and work with this community.

Now, after a brief break, we’re gearing up for another successful event in New York, with LUXURY Privé! In its 5th year, LUXURY Privé is proving to be a vital show for the jewelry industry, with 60 exhibiting brands, and 450 retail stores coming to finish business started in Vegas and complete their holiday shopping. One such retailer who is excited to continue business is Hamilton Jewelers, who you’ll see featured in our Retailer Profile this month.

Additionally in this issue, we’ll highlight the pieces that caught everyone’s eye in Las Vegas with our “Best Sellers” recap, spotlight one of summer’s hottest trends, and catch up with one of our newest LUXURY members Lee Siegelson of Siegelson. Lastly, no issue would be complete without our favorite photo collective story—LUXURY on Instagram!

Looking forward to seeing you at LUXURY Privé, the AGS Circle of Distinction, or one of the many industry events in NYC!

Sarin Bachmann
Event Director, LUXURY, LUXURY Privé, Elite Enclave & Swiss Watch

LUXURY Las Vegas Recap: Best Sellers

This recap includes the styles that garnered the most attention (and were top sellers) at LUXURY Las Vegas. If the round-up is any indication, the industry was shopping for a consumer who wants diversity in bridal styles, diamond fashion pieces and wearable mixed metals, has a continued interest in geometrics, and is enjoying a love affair with ear climbers.



  1. Parade Design – Selections from the Lyria and Hera bridal collections
  2. Uneek – New Amore Collection
  3. Crown Ring Inc – “Orion’s Belt” with a diamond brushed finish and 21 scattered diamonds in platinum
  4. Tacori – Pretty in Pink Bouquet of Crescents Varietal
  5. Sasha Primak – Platinum engagement ring with round brilliant diamond and tapered baguettes
  6. Simon G. – New selections featuring 18k white, yellow, and rose gold
  7. Coast Diamonds – Trio of new 18k gold and pave diamond halo designs
  8. Claude Thibaudeau – New platinum selections including the La Royale Collection featuring SKY blue diamonds


Climbers and Drops

Climbers and Drops

  1. Asher Jewelry – Micro pave diamonds delicately set in 14k rose gold
  2. KC Designs– Diamond Bubble earrings in 14k gold from the Climb On Up Collection
  3. Ashi Diamonds – 14k white and yellow gold, diamonds
  4. Matthew Campbell Laurenza – 18k yellow gold ear climbers featuring Rio Tinto diamonds
  5. Simon G. – 18k gold and diamonds
  6. Yael - 18k two tone gold earrings featuring rubellite tourmaline, accented with diamonds
  7. Sofragem – 18k rose gold emerald and diamond earrings
  8. Andreoli – Blue topaz, red coral, emerald and diamond earrings
  9. Marika Desert Gold exclusively at H. Weiss Company – 14k gold drop earrings on French wire with shimmering diamonds
  10. Matthew Campbell Laurenza – 18k yellow gold amethyst earrings set with Rio Tinto diamonds


Diamonds For Days

Diamonds for Days

  1. A. Link – A. Link for Forevermark bezel diamond Bolo earrings
  2. Uneek – Mixed shape diamond bracelet in 18k gold
  3. Andreoli – 18k gold and diamond earrings
  4. Doves by Doron Paloma – 18k white gold diamond ring
  5. Sasha Primak – 18k white gold flexible four-row dangling earrings with diamond "Bubbles" & 18k white gold semi-bezel round diamond bracelet
  6. Sethi Couture –18k white gold Carved Fan pendant and chandelier earrings in white diamond rose cuts




  1. Doves by Doron Paloma – 18k rose and yellow gold diamond necklaces
  2. KC Designs  – Open Triangle diamond earrings in 14k gold from the Acing Geometry Collection
  3. Breuning – Sporty Collection featuring pieces in sterling silver, entirely coated with precious rhodium
  4. Sandy Leong – Halo Signature necklace with diamond pave in 18k recycled yellow gold and conflict free diamonds


Mixed Metal

Mixed Metal

  1. Alisa – Traversa Gold Collectioncross-over style earrings in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver with the signature basket-weave texture
  2. Breuning – Emotion and Motion Collection featuring pieces in sterling silver, partly coated with precious rhodium, partly coated with rose gold plating
  3. Parade Design - Fancy color and white diamond cluster ring in 18k rose and white gold
  4. SOHO – Martellato collection, hammered sterling silver in yellow or white
  5. Tacori – Love Letters Collection
  6. S&R Designs - Single strand bracelet, horizontal bar clasp with white zirconia SS/Rose
  7. Vahan – Diamond pendant suspended from an 18” 14K yellow gold and sterling silver chain
  8. Simon G. – 18k yellow gold woven design accented by white gold stations of three rows of pave set diamonds
  9. Roman and Jules – Tri-color twisted shank ring featuring a natural yellow radiant cut center
  10. Sandy Leong – Halo Stack rings with nine champagne diamonds. Available in 18k recycled yellow, white or champagne gold

Summer Trend Alert: BANGLES

The #armparty is back and better than ever! Summer 2015’s hottest accessory trend, the bangle, is one of our favorites—it’s an accessible look that can easily transition from day to night and the mix and match possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for diamonds, mixed metals, structural cuffs, or flexible styles, our LUXURY designers have a bangle for everyone.

  • Summer Trend Alert: BANGLES
  • A. Link
  • Andreoli
  • Breuning
  • Doves by Doron Paloma
  • KC Designs
  • Sandy Leong
  • Sasha Primak
  • Sethi Couture
  • Simon G.
  • Vahan

LUXURY Privé Preview

With LUXURY Privé, our exclusive New York sister show (or shopping event), set to open July 26 at the city’s iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel, here is a tantalizing sneak peak of the new pieces and collections that will debut.

  • LUXURY Privé Preview
  • A Jaffe
  • A. Link
  • Alisa
  • Color Story
  • Danhov
  • Doves by Doron Paloma
  • KC Designs
  • Mémoire
  • Miseno
  • M.K. Diamonds & Jewelry
  • Nina Nguyen
  • Omi Privé
  • Oscar Heyman
  • Simon G.
  • Steven Royce Designs

Brand Spotlight: Siegelson

We were thrilled to welcome Siegelson to LUXURY 2015 (and back to the U.S. tradeshow circuit for the first time in 7 years). Show-goers were tickled as well, and how could they not be—the 100 year old purveyor of fine jewelry and gemstones brought a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and product to retailers who were looking for rare and exceptional pieces. Our interview with Lee Siegelson delves into the company’s history, which is as storied as the exquisite jewels it procures.

Brand Spotlight: Siegelson

1. Can you give us an overview of Siegelson's history? What are the origins of the company?
My family has been in this business for almost 100 years, since 1920. I am the third generation. I did not always know I wanted to be in jewelry, but I had a great education that formed the basis for my interest in art.

I studied at Cranbook, the famous preparatory school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The school was designed and built by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen who was given an unbridled approach to design and architecture by founder and Arts and Crafts proponent George Booth. The beauty of the school's architecture and horticulture are intended to inspire and influence the students as much as their classes. I apply the ideals employed at Cranbrook in my work and life: simplicity, uniqueness, and detail. It is these same details I look for in the pieces I purchase.

In 1992 I came to work with my father because of his failing health, up to that point I had not worked in the jewelry business at all. It was a sink or swim moment. By that time, my father, Hy, owned the largest storefront on 47th street offering specially designed jewelry and estate and antique pieces. (He had taken over for his father, Louis, who owned a watch and repair business.) I worked with my father for a year under the famous red neon sign “Siegelson’s, est. 1920, estate jewelry.” The windows were fully stocked with diamonds and jewelry so visitors always found something to buy. I took over the company in 1993 and Dad passed in 1994.

Today, instead of an overflowing storefront, we offer a careful-selection of top-level jewels presented at fine art fairs and in a private office. Each piece is fully researched by an art historian who traces the provenance and places the jewels in a historical context. I also work with jewelry authors and museums to educate the public on great jewelry design. In the last 10 years we have loaned pieces to more than 20 museum exhibitions. It all goes back to what I learned at Cranbrook. Something beautiful can move you deeply. That is why I show jewelry the way I do, with history and documentation, the presentation and the beauty of the piece moves people. 

2. What is Siegelson best known for? 
Vivienne Becker put it well in the Financial Times:
“Lee Siegelson is at the vanguard of the new-generation dealers who are helping to move the business on. They are finding and fuelling new collecting areas, bringing antique and period jewelry out from its exquisitely carved ivory tower, and presenting it in a contemporary context. In the process, they are making it more relevant to fashion, style and today’s international design and art‑collecting community.

Siegelson has been instrumental in changing the image of vintage jewelry and its dealers, by presenting at major art fairs a small, eye-wateringly rare, hand-chosen selection of jewels and objects, mainly 20th century, showcased in a sleekly minimal and contemporary gallery-like setting. Far removed from the cluttered abundance of the archetypal antique shop, each piece is given space, superb lighting and room to breathe, to highlight its presence, personality, rarity and art-historical importance, as Siegelson says, “like a respected work of art, showing clients that these jewels have stood the test of time.”

3. How does a piece (or pieces) become part of the Siegelson collection? What is the process?
We are looking for jewels that are considered in their design, beautiful, and well made. Many of the pieces we offer are important names such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Belperron, Fouquet, and others. We also have pieces that are unsigned, but are beautifully proportioned and perfectly made. We also offer Jewelry by Siegelson, exquisitely designed jewels incorporating important stones. 

4. Who is the Siegelson consumer?
The client for the jewelry that we offer is a retailer’s top client. These are great pieces of art and design that are for the affluent client who wants a one-of-a-kind example of uncompromising design and beauty with important history. These are jewels for the collector that must own the greatest pieces of jewelry ever created.

5. What piece(s) attracted the most attention at LUXURY Las Vegas?
The Whitney Emerald: An Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring by Tiffany & Co., New York, circa 1925; an Art Deco Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald Bracelet by Oscar Heyman & Brothers, New York, circa 1925; an Art Deco Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Diamond Sautoir by Cartier, London, 1929; and an Art Deco Gem-Set and Mother-of-Pearl Chinoiserie Mystery Clock by Pierre Gravoin, Paris, for Black, Starr & Frost, New York, circa 1930, Mosaic by Vladimir Makovsky. (Images)

Retailer Round-Up: Hamilton Jewelers

For this month’s retailer profile, we had the pleasure of interviewing Hank Siegel, President of Hamilton Jewelers and Anne Russell, the store’s Vice President of Merchandising and Product Development. Hamilton is a veteran LUXURY retailer and beloved by consumers from north to south with multiple locations in New Jersey and Palm Beach, FL.

Retailer Round-Up: Hamilton Jewelers

LL: Can you give us a brief history of Hamilton Jewelers?
Hamilton Jewelers, originally founded in 1912 as Geo. Marks Inc., was purchased by Irving Siegel in 1927. Since the company’s beginning, Hamilton Jewelers has always combined the distinction of a national luxury jeweler with the warmth of a family business. Today, Hamilton Jewelers is in its third-generation as a family-owned business. Irving Siegel’s son, Martin, now Chairman, joined the business in 1955. Martin Siegel was followed by his son, Hank, 27 years later. Hank Siegel is currently the president and CEO.

Specializing in fine jewelry of their own design and manufacture, Hamilton also offers the world’s premium designer brands in jewelry and the best in luxury time- pieces. The gift department features a distinctive selection of décor items including china, crystal and antique silver. a division dedicated to emblematic and insignia jewelry was acquired in 2010 and is now a thriving part of Hamilton’s client offerings. Other guest services include a Bridal and Gift registry, estate and Jewelry Buying, Business Gifts, custom jewelry design, complete timepiece and jewelry repairs, e-commerce, and in-house appraisals. Clients have come to regard Hamilton as their exclusive resource for many products and services because of our extensive knowledge, impeccable service, and dedication to the highest standards of quality.

LL: How did you personally come to be involved? Did you always know you'd be in jewelry?
HS: I knew from the time I was a youngster that the fine jewelry business called out to me, and worked at the Company from a very early age. I was fascinated by the product, the elegance, and the lure of working for a heritage business. I continue to be extraordinarily proud that very few luxury brands in the U.S. have Hamilton’s 100+ year heritage, product assortment, standing in the marketplace, and expertise as well as one century of family ownership—it’s a very unique story.

LL: Who is the typical Hamilton customer?
HS: Hamilton serves a wide range of clients, due to our diverse range of products and services. We typically serve clients from all 50 states and many different countries throughout the year due to our locations in Princeton and Palm Beach.  In both markets, we have an interesting roster of celebrities, business and community leaders, and professionals that we count as clients – as well as loyal local clients who seek the prestige of a Hamilton gift for special occasions, as well as our specialty services (we continue to employ hand engravers, setters polishers, watchmakers). One of my favorite stories dates back several years to a summer Saturday at our Princeton store, where we had 3 Nobel Prize winners in the store on the same day…although one would never know.

LL: What was your favorite part of LUXURY Las Vegas?
AR: Luxury Las Vegas is a show I look forward to each year. I take the opportunity to meet with current partners and always find something new to add to our stores.  

LL: What is your favorite type of project/sale to work on in the store?
AR: A new bridal client is always my favorite. We are fortunate to be in the business of celebrating life events with all our clients whether it’s a new baby, a promotion, or an anniversary but for me a new couple starting their life together is truly a wonderful moment.

LL: Why is LUXURY Privé an important show for you?
AR: I would have to say time and convenience for me. My office is based in Princeton, NJ so I’m a quick trip into the city and it gives me an opportunity to follow up with decisions not yet confirmed in Vegas or to revisit opportunities for categories missed in Las Vegas or Basel.

LL: What is your favorite thing to do in New York City?
AR: I lived in NYC for 12 years so the list is VERY long.

LL: How do you un-wind/decompress/relax after a tradeshow? 
HS: I enjoy playing golf with my wife Lisette and relaxing at home with our two Portuguese water dogs!

AR: In NYC I would meet my husband at the Four Seasons Bar, it’s my favorite place for an after work

LUXURY on Instagram

From celebrities wearing LUXURY designers to Las Vegas business dealings (and shenanigans), we can always count on Instagram to capture it all. Here’s a round-up of our favorite snaps of late!

  • LUXURY On Instagram
  • A. Link
  • A. Link
  • A. Link
  • Andreoli
  • Andreoli
  • Andreoli
  • Coast Diamonds
  • Coast Diamonds
  • Crown Ring
  • Crown Ring
  • Crown Ring
  • Doves by Doron Paloma
  • Doves by Doron Paloma
  • Parade Design
  • Parade Design
  • Sasha Primak
  • Sasha Primak
  • Sethi Couture
  • Sethi Couture
  • Vahan
  • Vahan
  • Yael Designs
  • Yael Designs

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